Elenar Duo

Everybody’s fool

Welcome to your new adventure
See the dog barking at your heals
Let go of what you think is real
Get a glimpse of the next dimension
Step one, so many to go
Step two is where the magic lies
Strange wonders cast before your eyes
You blink and stumble but you’re still on the road
- Ch:
You’re everybody’s fool
On an endless endeavour
Bag slung over your shoulder
What is your fate, will she be cruel?
You’re everybody’s fool
Nobody’s guru
All you know is you’re true to
Nobody’s rules
Don’t look back, only darkness behind you
Tendrils of chaos trying to bind you
Nothing is all that will ever be there
On the other side of the bridge to nowhere


Black Star Light

I can feel it in my bones
But I just can’t see it
Like a black star’s light
In the night sky
Like an ambush of tigers out the corner of your eye
Like a bird in a cage when you want to see it fly
Black star light
Secrets of the witching hour
Whispered in the night
Hidden spells, tales of power
Black star light will never shine too bright
Will invade your dreams like a thief in the night
Black star light, an invisible thread
Winding through a story with a chapter left unread
If you’ve followed me this far, you’ve been here before
Let me take your hand and lead you to the dance floor
Don’t know how you wound up on this shore
Just a silent weapon in a quiet war



Looking at me with your big square eyes
I don’t know why you look so surprised
It’s almost like you’ve been mesmerised
Your identity compromised
But I don’t know or care who you are
Your big square eyes don’t see so far
You look north south east and west
But you don’t see me coming over the crest
What is the colour of a dream
When things are never what they seem?
How do you weave such a colourful fable
With just four elements on the table?


Tower Of

Fire from the sky, like tears from the sun
Tearing down the walls, shadows on the run
Playing like children in a midnight hour
Beware the dungeon beneath your tower
Chains of lead don’t bind, nor promises of gold
Forget what you’ve been told
The tower’s in your mind
Who am I to say, and who are you to judge
Who plays in the sandpit and who’s left in the mud
Comes a time the lid is blown
Secrets of the Golden Flower
Crumbs left in your haste to leave
The crumbling citadels of power
Fire from the sky, like tears from the sun
Tearing down the walls, shadows on the run


Number 15

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine
When we get together it’s a devil of a time
We go to funky parties, with all the arty people
In a church without a steeple
Where no- one draws a line
He eyes up the dance floor like some dark shaolin monk
Like he’s the head of procurement for the ministry of funk
Let me introduce you to a friend of mine
Ask him for his number he’ll say 6 + 9
Ask him where he’s from, he’ll say the darkness in your mind
Ask him his name and you might have crossed the line
He’s demonic on the dance floor
Busting moves like we’ve never seen
But you’ll never see his face
On his back number 15
Never still for long that darkest urge
The one that wakes you in the night
When right and wrong just seem to merge
And you just know you’ve lost the fight
Know too, the master of your darkness
Is the bringer of the light



Imagine sleeping beauty, asleep on her feet
Walking in a place where sleep and waking meet
Imagine a peregrine sent to rescue a dove
A tour of duty from the falconer’s glove
Who would take the stairs
When everything’s a race
Who would find the attic room
Full of light and grace
Who would cross the oceans
While sitting in their seat
Who could ever sleep
At thirty thousand feet?


Planet Two

Summer of Love’s got nothing on us
We kidnapped the driver of the magic bus
Would you believe there’s a seat for you
Destination: Planet Two
No king, no queen no mighty god
No slavery, no master’s rod
No tricks, no lies don’t need a screen
To tell you what your eyes have seen
Don’t care about your attitude
Come on let’s gain some altitude
Relax, enjoy what’s in front of you
All aboard for Planet Two
- When all the colours turn to grey
And it seems we might have lost our way
Will the Warriors of the Rainbow bring
A Summer of Love without a Silent Spring?


Banshee Wind

When all that you know
Has withered and died
And the Banshee Wind
Is wailing outside
There’s no time left for running
And nowhere to hide
I’ll be there waiting
With arms open wide
- You’re cruising along
Approaching light speed
So much confusion
So many mouths to feed
When you get out and walk
And it’s the end of the ride
I’ll be there walking
Right by your side
- So we might as well live
Like there is no tomorrow
Till there’s nothing left to beg
To steal or to borrow
And when the sun shines too bright
And the wells have run dry
We’ll run with the wind
Just you and I


Funky Mama

I met a funky mama
When I was walking through the trees
She told me her name
But I lost it on the breeze
I met a funky mama
When I was walking on the beach
She told me her name
But it swam out of reach
I met a funky mama
When I was flying through the sky
She told me her name
Only I don’t remember why
I met a funky mama
On the far side of the moon
She told me her name
But it ran away with the spoon
I was walking downtown
When I remembered your name
You were nowhere around
It put me to shame
Here we are thinking
That we can buy our future
But we can’t remember one
Of the thousand names of nature


Beneath the Maketu Tree

From the mighty riverland up north
Some say you come
By the love of one brought forth
Into this land welcome
Beneath the Maketu Tree
And in every branch and leaf
Some say that they have seen
From the north a mighty chief
We travel in time without spells or potions
Time’s not a river, it’s a mighty ocean
Leave your clothes on the shore, jump in the water with me
We’ll keep swimming down the river till we dive into the sea
Your body is your clothing
Falls like leaves upon the hill
Your tomb is all enclosing
Maketu Tree who hide you still?
I see the spirits, if I look hard
Keeping watch over your bones
Or maybe they are there to guard
A tree that has a heart of stone



The time to be comfortably numb is over
The time to be starry- eyed long gone
The stars in your eyes are going nova
Time to get wise to what’s going on
Five generations of radiation
I was born under a different sky
Will five generations of those who follow
Still look at the stars and wonder why?
It’s all out in the open now
Resistance is not a choice
Witness the coming of covert power
You win a battle, but you lose your voice
Better that your mind’s not sharp
You wouldn’t want to pop your bubble
Better that we stay apart
Dull and witless, causing no trouble
Be mindful though that you reap what you sow
The wheel will turn, and the river will flow
And if it’s true that what you sowed is what you reap
I guess you’ll all be coming back as sheep
It’s all out in the open now
Resistance is not a choice
Witness the coming of covert power
Lest we all lose our voice....

copyright___10-4-2020 elenar



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