Golden Glow

Golden Glow is a natural, organic skin repair and conditioner that combines the healing properties of the beehive with those of plants.

It belongs both in the first aid kit and the cosmetics drawer. It has had spectacular results with excema.

  • - Alleviates excema and dry skin

  • - Heals skin wounds such as gravel burns, cuts and bruises

  • - Great for massage

  • - Stops itching from mosquito and sandfly bites

  • - Great after shaving

  • - One hundred percent organic

  • Feedback:

    - I've been using your skin repair cream since your wife dropped it off on Saturday, and I have to say that it works great and has cleared up the problem in no less than 3 days thanks heaps-Daryl

    - Fantastic trade, the Golden Glow is just lovely, smells divine and feels lovely on. Will be back for more. thanks!

    - Awesome trade thanks heaps.Has cleared my eczema up in 3 days thanks.

    - I've tried the golden glow and this stuff seems to give some relief to my excema, even more so than some products purchased from the pharmacy!

    Main ingredients:

    Beeswax, olive oil, urtica, calendula, geranium, rosemary, lavender, with traces of silver.

    All ingredients are sourced in Aotearoa NZ with the majority grown in our organic garden on the Kapiti Coast. The beeswax is from local raw untreated honeycomb.

    Absolutely no chemicals or artificial additives of any kind.

    For more information, email: